Zulkifli Noordin Beri Hint Kemungkinan Jatuhnya Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat ke-2 Selepas Perak

13 05 2010

dari : Malaysian  Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, May 12 — Independent MP Zulkifli Noordin today advised “a certain Pakatan Rakyat state government” to quickly seek a dissolution of its assembly, warning that a second “Perak” was on the cards.

His warning came after he confirmed with The Malaysian Insider this afternoon that two PKR MPs and one state assemblyman would soon leave the party, possibly triggering the collapse of a government similar to the PR government in Perak in Feb 2009.

Without naming them, Zulkifli (picture) said the three are now biding time because they fear for their safety if they leave the PKR.

“I cannot reveal who they are but I can confirm that they will leave soon… very soon. They are just afraid of what would happen to them once they leave so they called me up to seek my advice,” he said when contacted.

Zulkifli noted that he had urged them to act based on their own principles and not to allow themselves to be swayed by others.

“One particular person told me that he was angry that his grievances were not addressed, that the party leadership never listened to the grassroots.

“However, in general, the consensus is that they feel that PKR had lost its sense of direction, that it had strayed from its path of reform and its only agenda now is to make (PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim the Prime Minister,” he said.

Zulkifli then warned of the coming of “a second Perak” and advised  a”certain PR government” to quickly seek consent from its Sultan for a dissolution of the state assembly.

He said that his advice stemmed from damaging information he had received from “reliable sources”, predicting the fall of yet another PR government since Election 2008.

“They have been forewarned. They should take heed of my advice and do not say they are not aware of this because we all know what happened in Perak.

“One thing I can tell you… it will be a real shocker,” he said.

Zulkifli, who was sacked from PKR earlier this year after coming at odds with the party leadership over the controversial “Allah” issue, would not however reveal which state government he was referring to.

However, it is more than likely that the state government is Kedah where PR is presently has a wafer-thin majority of just six seats more than the Barisan Nasional.

PR holds 20 seats in the 36-seat assembly with PAS holding 16, PKR three and DAP one, while the BN has 14. The assembly’s two independents Radzhi Salleh (Lunas) and Tan Wei Shu (Bakar Arang) are, however, said to be pro-BN.

The BN needs just three more seats to wrest control of the Kedah government and PR sources had earlier confirmed with The Malaysian Insider that its lawmakers had been intensely courted by the BN.

PAS Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak himself had also said that he would seek for a dissolution should one more defection occur.

In addition, Zulkifli said that at least two more division chiefs from Perak would soon leave PKR.

“Some of the Perak people called me after (Ipoh Barat PKR chief) Fauzi Muda left yesterday. They were shocked and they told me that this was because they too are thinking of doing the same thing.

“Honestly, the Perak situation for PKR is also pretty bad,” he said.

Zulkifli noted that Fauzi, one of the founding members of PKR in Perak, is a very influential leader.

“That was why it shocked me and many others when he quit,” he said.

Fauzi quit from all party posts yesterday, citing disillusionment with the party’s state leadership and said that at least 500 other members would follow in his footsteps.

“PKR is digging its own grave. Its leaders say that they are cleansing the party of the rot but what is happening is God is cleaning the party of the good people,” said Zulkifli.

He said the present defections were not timed specifically because of the Sibu by-election, pointing out that the defections had been happening consistently over the past few years.

“Politically, someone like Fauzi holds no threat to the BN so you cannot say that this was because of Sibu,” he said.

Zulkifli noted that the main problem was that the PKR leadership was suffering from the “delusion of grandeur” syndrome and were acting as if they were holding the Federal government.

“They do not care about what their people say, what the grassroots feel. They just wait and see… they will fall,” he predicted.




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