Anger against police over Aminul’s death building up on Facebook

4 05 2010
By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal (Malaysian Insider)

KUALA LUMPUR, May 4 — Two Sundays ago, Aminulrasyid Amzah was just a normal 14-year-old schoolboy who hung out with friends, watched football. He had a family, a life. He did not have 60,000 fans on Facebook.

Today, more than a week after he was shot dead, more than 60,000 fans have signed up on a Facebook fan page demanding justice and expressing growing anger and concerns over cases of police violence.

A few other Facebook groups have sprung up too. In contrast, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s Facebook page has nearly 170,000 fans while Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has attracted nearly 83,000 fans.

Titled “We hate the cruelty of Malaysian police-Justice for Aminulrasyid,” the main Facebook group which has been up for less than a week has gathered a strong following with many people voicing out their concerns over what had happened to the schoolboy.

The group’s ‘aims’, as stated on the information section of the page are to “open the eyes of people so that they are alerted with issues concerning injustice.’

“We want to show how sick the police institution is, this is not the first case. The Inspector-General of Police is also involved with so many scandals..To the police, please do not just talk rhetoric, with your “mesra, cekap, amanah” motto, nothing is done! We want justice to be served in this case.

“In the laws of Islam (Qisas), a life taken will be repaid in full with another life. If the police are guilty, they must also be shot in the head. Allahuakbar!” said the statement on the page.

Based on the vast array of comments posted by Aminulrasyid’s “fans”, what is clearly evident is the growing discontent and anger towards the police force in the wake of the shooting.

Comments on the page contained strong language, some offensive, criticising the police force for firing the fatal shot at Aminulrasyid and urged the policemen involved to come forward to assist in the investigations.

“Al-Fatihah to brother Aminul, those who are responsible, if you are really guilty please admit your guilt and apologise openly so that his soul can rest in peace. You may escape punishment from this world but what about the afterlife later on? Maybe there was a misunderstanding when it happened, but there’s no need for hiding the truth just to absolve yourself from guilt. Remember that the Almighty knows everything that happens,” said a posting.

Other comments however were not so tactful.

“Woi you police swines! Just because you wear a uniform that means you can show off? Try and remove the uniform, we’ll see who’s the man, who falls and who stands!!!” said a fan known as “Pahlawan Driff”.  The group now has no administrators but includes Aminulrasyid’s friends, school teachers, journalists, activists, as well as other members of the public.

Over 180 discussion topics have been related to discuss the incident and there are at least 12 video postings of Press conferences given by Aminulrasyid’s family were also uploaded. Some 300 pictures have also been uploaded.

There were also postings by people urging witnesses who were present during the shooting on Monday morning (last week) to come forward to Shah Alam MP, Khalid Samad to assist with the investigations.

“Dear all, Let stop all this non-sense, we need more witnesses in adik Aminul’s case, for those happened to be there at the crime scene on that night, please steps forward,,,,contact YB Khalid Samad, he promised to assist,” said “SusuTeh.”

The Shah Alam MP had been responsible in accompanying the main witness who was with Aminulrasyid in the car when he was shot to the police station to provide his account over what happened.

DAP National Chairman and veteran lawyer Karpal Singh has confirmed his appointment as legal counsel by the deceased’s family and is due to visit the crime scene later on in the afternoon.

According to initial reports, the Form Three student was shot in the head when he tried to reverse his car into four policemen after a high-speed chase, just 100 metres from his home in Section 11 last Monday.

Police also reportedly shot the tyres of the Proton Iswara to stop the vehicle during the incident on early Monday morning a week ago.

A parang was also reportedly found in the car but this account has been disputed by witnesses and the family.

zamankini : I personally against any brutality and cruelty action to the people. Police should be more humane in their action.I have once seen how a police carry out interrogation session. I cant believe what i see. It is totally inhumane to me. I support justice for Aminulrasyid. His family and all people of Malaysia is waiting for the justice to emerge.




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