Kickdefella: I Think He is a Man Full of Revenge

29 04 2010

Kickdefella, the so called famous blogger in this country has made a statement that he was paid RM4 millions in his psychological war to smear the Pak Lah’s administration.According to his statement He was paid to weaken Barisan Nasional at that time so that PAS can retain its power over Kelantan.

I personally believe that Kickdefella is a dissappointed man and now becoming  a revengeful person. Since he is kicked out from his post in Kelantan MPKB, He has started his mission to bring down Ir Arifahmi from his  CEO post. He is successful at that point. He managed to bring down Arifahmi.Congratulation!.

But it is not satisfying enough for him. He is directing his attack now on Tok Guru Nik Aziz and the state government. He make a lot of exposures in his blog in order to get some kind of cheap publicity from the public. He tries his best to tarnish Tok Guru’s reputation by linking him and his administration to corruption and abuse of power.

Personally, I have lost respect to this guy. What the hell he is doing?He is not rational anymore. He is no longer talking about national issues. He does not even touch on issues on APCO,Gambling Licensing,buy-election,etc. All in his mind now is how to collapse PAS in Kelantan.It seems that his revenge is so intense and cant be controlled anymore.

Yes, it is undeniable that he is great at writing. His writing looks like convinving. But we should know his  real motives.If he is confident enough with all his allegation,just go and report.I do not know where he steals all kind of information he is using.Hope there is no blackship in the government of Kelantan that reveal confidential files and information to him.

After all, I believe Tok Guru is not like that. PAS win over Kelantan because voters believe in him. Not because of Kickdefella’s so called psychological war against Pak Lah. We know Pak Lah very well. People  dont like Pak Lah and Kickdefella dont have to help for that. We know that even many UMNO members around Malaysia did not like Pak Lah at his time.

I believe Kickdefella will never stop until his desire is fullfilled. He will continue with his mission until PAS collapses or Nik Aziz collapes. By the way, if PAS really paid you RM4 millions before to weaken Pak Lah, who is paying you now to weaken PAS and Nik Aziz? is it UMNO?who?




One response

5 05 2010
Sang Karipap

Yang RM 4 juta punya kes bukan main kecoh lagi.

Yang duit rakyat berjuta-juta dilaburkan untuk menjahanamkan nama Pakatan Rakyat xde pulak diorang nak bising-bising.

Digembar-gemburkan pasal GMH (Global Media or sumthing), tapi tindakan pihak satu lagi menggunakan RTM1,RTM2,Media Prima yang menguasai sampai 3-4 media massa yang berbeza tu? Takde pulak siapa2 nak hebohkan..

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