YB Kamal, Dont Forget Ijok by-Election

29 04 2010

Extracted from : http://rockybru.com.my

Congrats, Kamal!

Barisan Nasional takes back Hulu Selangor. P. Kamalanathan’s star is burning bright in this two,three days. The new kid on the block has just slaughtered a big-wig of Pakatan Rakyat at the Hulu Selangor by-election. The “future” of MIC-Barisan has beaten the “future” of PKR-Pakatan.

But do remember Ijok, YB. Almost exactly 3 years ago (28 April, 2007 to be exact), another political kiddo MIC’s K. Parthiban defeated big name Khalid Ibrahim of PKR at the Ijok by-election in Selangor. Much like your win against Zaid Ibrahim 3 days ago.

Less than a year later at the 12th General Election of March 2008, what happened? The whole state fell to Pakatan, Cikgu Parthiban went into oblivion, and Khalid became the chief minister of Selangor now.

Moral of the story, YB? Don’t get drunk on the glory of victory. The people have put you there to serve them, so be a workhorse and do a good job, or the next stop may be political oblivion for you.

We’ll be watching closely now.




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