Will Chinese Sentiment Spread to Sarawak?

28 04 2010

Hulu Selangor by-election gives both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat a lesson learnt.For me,BN is not that happy with the majority the get.They are expecting more than just 1725 votes majority. Muhyidin Yasin has targeted 6000 votes majority. Unluckily, it was not achieved.

Did PKR (Pakatan) really lost in Hulu Selangor?Well, literaly maybe yes. But instead of losing the seat, Pakatan manage to increase the number of votes it gets. I was expecting PKR to lose badly this time because in my opinion, the cases of lawmakers (MP and Adun) and members leaving the party will tarnish PKR image in the eyes of the voters. But it was not happen that way.

Pakatan get even more support. Though it lost,but we know pakatan is getting stronger,despite of all challenges and obstacles it faces recently. We must thank all the frogs that have jumped out because their absence make Pakatan even better. The only thing is Pakatan Rakyat must find a way on how to tackle the heart of people in rural areas and feldas. Pakatan must do something so that they can deliver balance information to them.

In Hulu Selangor, Pakatan lost badly in Malay majority areas,mainly in Felda settlement. 65% malay and more than 50% indian voters chose to vote BN this time. Why is that?Well, all people know how much BN have spent there. No question about it.Futhermore, BN stronghold is still malay in felda and rural area. They are no longer strong at towns and cities.Almost all big cities and towns in Malaysia belong to Pakatan now.

But Chinese show different attitude. Though Najib enticed them with millions of allocation for rebuilding chinese school,but still BN lost very very badly in all chinese areas. A chinese voter told that the Chinese feel humiliated with all this kind of offers. They know BN want to buy their votes. as a result, 75% chinese voted for pakatan. This is even higher compared to last General election as only 70% chinese vote for Pakatan.

If we count the vote according to the constituency (Hulu Bernam,Kuala Kubu Bharu,Batang Kali), PKR already won at Kuala Kubu Bharu. These 3 areas belong to Barisan Nasional at state level. But the recent Hulu Selangor election showed that Zaid Ibrahim score 7000+ votes while Kamalanathan only 5000+. This indicates BN lost there already.

If the Chinese sentiment toward BN continues and spread to Sarawak, I think BN is facing big problem then. Next month, there will be Sibu by-election. Chinese is majority there,amounting to 60%. If the Chinese there share the same sentiment as the one in peninsular, BN must prepare to lose the seat to Pakatan Rakyat.

Hope voters in Sibu can make a change. Time for change has come. Pakatan is getting stronger there in Sarawak, especially after SNAP joined in. Now Pakatan will have greater impact to blow BN in Sarawak.




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