PAS wants amendments to Rukun Negara to include ‘Allah’

22 03 2010

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang wants the word ‘Allah’ to be included in the Rukunegara.

Ihsan : Malaysian Insider

By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal

KUALA LUMPUR, March 22 — PAS wants the Rukunegara to be amended, and to include the use of “Allah” instead of “God” following debates over the last few months over “Allah” being used by non-Muslims.

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang told reporters outside Parliament that the government should view the debates on the “Allah” issue in a positive light and make appropriate changes to the Rukunegara to refer to “God” as “Allah”, as Christians and non-Muslims also use the word.

“What is wrong with it, it is an achievement in unity following the ‘Allah’ issue. We should not only change the Rukunegara, we should make it more proactive, and at the same time work towards unity,” said Hadi.

He affirmed that whatever confusion which may be caused by the usage of the word may be resolved by religious scholars.

“Christians and other religions have realised the glory of the name ‘Allah’, Lord, God and other words do not have the same meaning.”

“The government needs to accept things in a positive light in handling the issue,” he said.

Despite questions from reporters stating that Christians’ understanding of Allah differ from Islam’s meaning of a singular God, he asserted that confusion would not occur if time is taken to explain and understand.

“We as Muslims can eat the meat prepared by Christians as well as Jews. This is because they use the name ‘Allah’ when slaughtering meat.”

“It is our responsibility to explain, not to attack.”

He added that Muslims will not be confused if Christians were allowed to use “Allah”, again dispelling claims that the faith of Muslims would be in jeopardy if “Allah” were to be inclusive to all.

“Who is confused? True Muslims won’t be confused, the ignorance of Muslims is our own doing,” he said.

The usage of “Allah” among non-Muslims took centre stage at the end of last year, ever since The High Court ruled that the Catholic church could use the word “Allah” in their weekly publications.

Chaos ensued after the ruling, with churches, a mosque and a Sikh temple vandalised.




One response

22 03 2010
Akalil Ashraf bin Dato' Paduka Hj. Md Rozai

Malaysia nie negara majmuk yg bermaksud ada Cina,India,Melayu,Siam dan bermacam-macam lagi bangsa yg hidup ditanahnya
Apabila dikeluarkan Rukun Negara oleh pemimpin sebelumnya adalah untuk keserasian dan keselesaan kesemua bangsa-bangsa ini dibawah satu panji iaitu Malaysia.
Maka perkataan Tuhan itu bersesuaian dengan Rukun Negara Malaysia kerana tak semua bangsa menggunakan kalimah Allah pada Tuhan mereka.Jadi Tuhan itu sesuai dengan semua agama.Its perfect for all
Isunya sekarang, sekiranya digunakan kalimah Allah untuk Rukun Negara, maka kita menggalakkan bangsa lain menggunakan kalimah yg hanya orang Islam sahaja gunakan. PAS yg satu kalanya menegah penggunaan kalimah Allah oleh orang bukan Islam takkan tak terfikir benda seperti ini.Mana kredibiliti sebuah parti yg memperjuangkan Islam sebagai tulang belakang parti itu? anda fikirlah sendiri kerana pejuangan Pasti Al-Islam SeMalaysia ini makin hari makin pudar kalimah Al-Islam nya. Anda pasti dengan pemimpin yg tidak teguh pendiriannya sedangkan pemimpin yg hebat adalah pemimpin yg teguh dgn keputusan yg dibuatnya.Kita mengagumi kepimpinan Dr Mahathir Mohamad tp adakah anda sedar bahawa setiap keputusan yg dibuatnya dia akan berdiri teguh dibelakangnya dan tidak akan berganjak dr keputusannya?
So, what makes Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz and also Anwar Ibrahim now?
This people couldn’t even give solid decision about the kalimah ‘ALLAH’ and they called themselves religious?? ANWAR IBRAHIM once in ABIM said want to put ISLAM in UMNO and look where he is now? where was the ISLAM that he shout before at all the rally he attend to when he was in ABIM?? Nothing~

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