Have Dialogue Every Semester

2 03 2010

I hereby would like to congratulate the organising committees of Interfaith Understanding Dialogue (InFUD) for successfully handle this first-ever-interfaith dialogue in UTP.With collaboration of almost all clubs and student bodies ranging from Rakan Masjid to Rakan Muda,this dialogue is indeed giving UTP a formula toward a better integration among the multi-ethnic community in the campus.

The event was started at nearly 8.45pm, in which we witnessed the number of students coming was tremendous. Our great Chancellor Hall was packed with students which is expected to be 2300-2500 in numbers,leaving only one isle land partially-emptly.The honourable rector and the number of official staffs also appeared in the event,making the event more happening.

Audience were impressed and fascinated with the delivery made by the four prominet speakers representing Islam (Bro Shah),Christianity (Dr William),Buddhism (Ir Kiang) and also HIndu (Dr Bala).This is a new indication that UTP management has to ponder that UTP student has strong inclination towards an educational and critical-based event like this.

This dialogue is seen to be the remedy to the so called integration that UTP has been suffering all this while.As we can see, the event is a full collaboration of different student bodies in the campus.This is my first time in UTP in which an event is organised by students of different race,religion and culture.Malay,Chinese and Indian work together in accomplishing this event.Not only committees, but this dialogue also attracted student of various belief,culture,race and nationality. Dont you think this marks the beginning to a better integration in UTP?

However, I am personally still not satisified with the participations of non-muslim students in the dialogue.It is only about 5% of the audience to be non-muslim, though initially I am expecting 40% audience will be the non-muslim and international student.Thus,the committees must reflect back why not many non-muslim turn up to the dialogue which is meant for them to understand  about the concept of God in different faiths.

Nevertheless, this is good kick-start for the organiser to plan a better and greater dialogue in the future. I am suggesting that this event will be organised every semester with different topic of discussion.Topic like Science and Religion;Compatibe or Incompatible would be a better topic to be discussed in the next dialogue as it is closer and more relevant to the students of UTP.

Once again,congratulations to all committees.Congratulations to all clubs and student bodies.Let’s engage more in this kind of academical and scholarly type of event in the future.




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