22 02 2010


The Title : Concept Of God According to my Religious Scripture

Venue      : Chancellor Hall

Date         : 1st March 2010 (Monday)

Time        : 8.00 pm- 11.40 pm

Panelist   :

Shah Kirit bin Kalkulal Govindji (Islam)

Ir. Kiang Keng Kong (Buddhist)

Dr William Lau (Christian)

Dr. M. Bala Tharmalingam (Hindu)


Malaysia is recently put into test with the issue of the word Allah.It was started when the Catholic church used the word Allah as the malay translation of the word God in their weekly bulletin, The Herald Catholic.The issue boils up more when the High Court decided to allow the use of the word Allah as it is not exclusive only to Islam.

photo 1: Muslim women pray

The matter becomes so much controversial. It leads to various responses from the multi-racial community of Malaysia,especially the Muslim.The popular Islamist Party, PAS believe that the semitic religion such as Islam,Christian and Judaism can use the word Allah according to the evidence found in the Quran and Hadis.This is also the stand of the Pakatan Rakyat.To avoid the abuse of the word,the former mufti of Perlis, Dr Asri who is also in line with PAS opinion has suggested guidelines for the church to use the word Allah.

photo 2 : christian ladies pray in the church

However the Goverment does not agree.Minister responsible for the religious matter has recently file an application to the court to hold its decision allowing Catholic Church to use the word.In the meanwhile, irresponsible exterimist take the chance to attack and burn several churches in order to stir the religious tension.What is weird is that the ignorance extrimists did not attack the Catholic church but rather the Protestan church,who is not involved at all with the issue.


Interfaith Dialogue is not something new.It has been going on long time ago.In other countries the dialogue,debate and forum have taken place. In Malaysia it is very sensitives. However there is a growing need for dialogue now,especially after the Allah issue come in.eversince PAS work in Pakatan Rakyat coalition,PAS leaders now enter churches and temples more frequently in order to explain about Islam.As a result, the non-muslims are now in better understanding about Islam compared to 10 years ago.

photo 3: Hindu women pray

Through a dialogue,people from various background will have a chance to listen to the belief of other religion better.Religious leaders should not find differences, but rather similarity in promoting peace and harmony.Dialogue is also the best medium to remove misconception about religion,especially Islam who suffers serious misunderstanding in the world today.


Organising Interfaith Dialogue in UTP at this time is very welcomed.Our community here is rather more complex than the Malaysia in overall because beside local muslim and non-muslim, we also have foreign muslim and non-muslim.

UTP has long suffered integration problem. Every people talk and do a lot of activities in the name of integration,but yet the segregation of the community here is still the same.This happen because we do not understand the core and basic principle of integration, which I believe the religious and cultural understanding among them. If we can tackle this issue, insyaAllah UTP students will live in a better way.

photo 4: buddhist at pray

Besides putting Islam in a better position,the dialogue will also unite the whole UTP students because this event is a joint venture for all clubs and society.It shows that UTP students are willing to unite out of  their diversities in the name of religious harmony and cultural understanding.


I urge all UTP students to support this noble effort by Rakan masjid and all other clubs as well. Let’s make the Interfaith dialogue a successful one.All of you have to come and be part of the dialogue.This will be a borderless event,an event relevant to all of us whether you are Muslim,Christian,Hindu or Buddha, foreign or local.




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23 02 2010

hey abang zaman, thanks for posting this. i hope 2 attend it. tq. and have a nice day. 🙂

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