6 01 2010

This post will be written in English.

Many people including muslim already know the concept of god in christianity. But the knowledge is not in-depth. It is because they have no access to the Bible. to understand the concept of god in that religion, one has to check it in the Bible, which is the holy book for the Christian.

The whole world know that Christian believe in the Trinity or in bahasa we say ‘tritunggal’. They believe that God is one, but manifest in 3 personality which are God The Father, God The Son and The Holy Ghost. I have watched debates and dialogues about the discussion about this and the finding is very interesting.

Firstly, The word Trinity is no where to be found in the Christian Bible. You may check now in any Bible regardless of the version. The word trinity is not there. But there is a verse which is almost to the concept of Trinity. It is found in the First Epistle of John, Chapter 5 verse 16 that reads;

“For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father,The Word and the Holy Ghost and these three are one”.

However, the Christian scholars later on found out that this verse is an interpolation  as it is not found in the original manuscript. So they took it out of the Bible.

Secondly, Jesus (pbuh) never taught (present tense:teach) the concept of Trinity.He never say in the Bible that I am God besides the Father and the Holy Spirit,simply never. What Jesus said was merely a word by word repition from what Moses said 3000 years before him.

It is mentioned in the Gospel of Mark, Ch. No. 12, V.No. 29

And when Jesus (pbuh) was asked, that ‘which is the first of the commandments’? he repeated word by word  what was said earlier by Moses (peace be upon him).  , he said ‘Shama Israelo, Ada Ilahaino Ada Ihad’ It is a Hebrew quotation which means, ‘Hear Oh Israel, the Lord our God, is in one lord’

this is exactly the same of what Moses (pbuh) says in the Old Testament in the book of  Deuteronomy, Ch. No. 6, V.No. 4 that reads;

‘Shama Israelo Adna ilahaina adna ikat’. It is a  Hebrew quotation which means… ‘Hear oh Israel, the Lord our God, is one Lord’.

In the Indonesia Transalation of the Bible it says “dengarlah wahai orang Israel, Tuhan Allah kita, Tuhan itu Esa”.

So I am confused already. which one the Christian believe whether “Tuhan itu Esa” as said by Jesus and Moses or the Trinity Concept as we know today. So I hope any Christian that read this article kindly explain to all of us about this. I am sorry in advance as I dont mean to insult any religion. But I am interested to know your answer to this question of mine.




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6 01 2010

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